Shisha Vibe Vape Shop Boosts Loyalty

Shisha Vibe Vape Shop is a top-rated UK e-cigarette and vape store that offers a wide selection of leading hardware, e-liquid flavors and tanks, starter kits and premium CBD options. The company also provides customers with convenient access to disposable vape recycling, helping them take a proactive approach toward environmental responsibility.

To help boost engagement and loyalty, Shisha Vibe partnered with Stamp Me to implement a modern digital loyalty program. The company now utilizes two tailored cards with interim rewards that offer a variety of free e-liquids, vape products and other discounts to their customers. The first card targets customers who spend between PS3 and PS9, with one stamp being earned for every transaction. When the customer reaches the required number of stamps, they receive a digital voucher that must be presented in-store to redeem the reward. These digital vouchers are enhanced with animation and an expiry countdown, helping to maintain security against screenshot attempts while also ensuring staff can validate and redeem the coupon with ease.

Inside Shisha Vibe Vape Shop: A Journey of Discovery

To further enhance the experience for their customers, Shisha Vibe has also added an updated blog section on their website that features a series of in-depth articles aimed at educating the public about the benefits and advantages of vaporizers. In addition, all online orders of PS20 or more will now qualify for free Royal Mail tracked 48 shipping. The newly updated site also displays Shisha Vibe’s array of Disposable Vapes, diverse e-liquid flavors, Nic Salts, beginner kits, advanced vape kits and premium CBD options in easy to navigate pages.

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One Hour Las Vegas Electrician

Whether your breaker keeps tripping or your outlets are blackened near the switch plates, you need to call an electrician immediately. Blown fuses and electrical outlet issues often signal a serious problem that should be taken care of by an experienced emergency electrician as soon as possible to protect your home and avoid more costly repairs in the future. Source

Licensed electricians are available to assist you with all your electrical needs. In addition to their state-issued licenses, most electricians earn national certifications to enhance their credibility and reputation among other tradesmen and potential clients.


Most states require aspiring electricians to complete an apprenticeship program or attend a trade school to learn the craft before applying for a journeyman electrician card. In addition to the necessary education and training, you must also have 3,000 or more documented hours of experience performing electrical work under the supervision of a master electrician.

Many contractors struggle to find skilled tradesmen for various projects and are willing to pay higher wages to secure the services of licensed electricians. A recent survey from the Associated General Contractors of America showed that 93% of firms had open hourly craft positions like plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians.

One Hour Las Vegas Electrician is a locally owned and operated electrical company dedicated to delivering superior service at affordable prices. Their team of expert technicians tackles projects ranging from repairing a single blown fuse to replacing an entire electrical panel. They are committed to the safety and efficiency of their customers and provide 24/7 emergency services for your convenience.

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Why Work With a CBD Marketing Agency?


With the cbd & hemp marketing agency evolving rapidly, a robust digital marketing strategy is critical for brands that want to maximize their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. An agency that specializes in CBD marketing will have a deep understanding of the unique nuances of this specific market, from regulatory policies to consumer demographics, which allows them to craft creative campaigns that will set your brand apart and deliver real ROI.

The Power of Positive Reviews: Harnessing Social Proof for CBD Success

CBD digital marketing agencies provide a comprehensive suite of services, from social media graphics that resonate with your target audience to custom-crafted email and SMS campaigns that engage and convert. By working with a full-service CBD marketing agency like The Hood Collective, you can rest assured that your marketing efforts are being managed by a team of experts that understands the intricacies of the CBD industry and can tailor their approach to your specific needs.

In the age of instant gratification, visually appealing graphics are a non-negotiable element of any marketing campaign. An agency that specializes in CBD marketing, such as Cude Design, understands the visual language that engages this particular industry and can create high-quality, dynamic graphics that will set your CBD products apart from the competition.

Managing your CBD marketing initiatives can be a time-consuming task that detracts from the attention and resources that are needed to grow your business and serve your customers. By partnering with a cbd marketing agency, you can free up your internal resources to focus on what matters most while ensuring that all aspects of your digital marketing strategy are being managed by an experienced team.

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The Rise of Crypto Gaming

crypto gaming

The modern riverfront times are undergoing a significant transformation. What was once considered a frivolous waste of time is now a lucrative business that’s poised to become the next global entertainment sector.

This paradigm shift is being driven by a rise in “crypto games,” which are video games that incorporate blockchain and crypto technologies. These games offer players the opportunity to earn real-world rewards for their in-game efforts, as well as invest in gaming coins and tokens.

The Power of Ownership: Exploring NFTs in Crypto Gaming

Gaming coins represent unique in-game digital assets that can be bought, sold, or traded using cryptocurrency. These virtual assets can be anything from in-game characters and items to virtual land. They often go hand-in-hand with gaming tokens, which act as the native currency on gaming platforms. These digital assets are a common staple of online video games, but they are currently managed by the game’s publisher on proprietary backend servers.

Crypto gaming is bringing these unique in-game assets to the blockchain, creating new opportunities for players to make money while enjoying the games they love. This trend is driving the growth of this growing sector, with some experts predicting that it will eventually overtake traditional video gaming revenue.

Those interested in investing in this new type of gaming should understand the risks associated with it. For example, the value of gaming tokens can fluctuate, which can impact player earnings. Furthermore, some players may face security or regulatory challenges when playing these games. Despite these risks, there are many benefits to gaming on the blockchain.

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ESA Awnings

Transform your outdoor spaces, entertain with confidence and enhance the intrinsic value of your property with a fully custom-made ESA Awnings installation. Our awnings will help you relax and entertain, while protecting your home or commercial building from the elements and vandalism. Choose from a variety of full cassette, semi-cassette and open designs to find the best fit for your space. We also provide a complete design-print department where we reproduce personalized graphics like your logo design or any unique style you have in mind.

Elevate Your Outdoor Lifestyle with ESA Awnings

When retracted the fabric, roller and arms are completely hidden within a built-in cassette, providing ultimate protection from rain wind frost and snow as well as dirt and vandalism. An electric option can be added, with a choice of switch or remote control.

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