While agl vs red energy , and EnergyAustralia might be the big players in Australia’s electricity market, there are some smaller retailers that offer great value. Red Energy has established itself as a major power retailer outside the big three and its gas and electricity plans often work out cheaper than those of ActewAGL.

Founded in 2004 and based in Melbourne, Red Energy offers a range of gas and electricity plans with no lock-in contracts and no exit fees. It also partners with Qantas to offer customers the chance to earn frequent flyer points on select plans. Customers can pocket 10,000 bonus points when they sign up to an electricity plan, and 5,000 for gas.

From Darkness to Light: Navigating the Process of Electricity Connection

Red Energy is 100% carbon neutral and Climate Active certified, which means it contributes to the development of renewable energy. The company is owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, which operates the national Snowy Mountain Hydro-electric Scheme and produces around 75% of Australia’s renewable energy.

The company’s plans are competitive with those of AGL, and its customer satisfaction rating has been above average. Whether it’s the best value choice depends on where you live, though. We’ve reviewed Red Energy and ActewAGL’s electricity rates and discounts in Victoria, NSW, ACT, Queensland and South Australia to find out who works out cheapest.

Our review has taken into account each retailer’s peak rate and daily electricity supply charges for single rate tariffs, as well as their network service fees. We’ve also included any additional features, such as a free standard house move for electricity and the Victorian Default Offer for gas, that might make them stand out from other options in your area.

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