“Sticky Chai, made with the finest spices from India, for centuries.” Prana Chai is a popular brand in India, specifically in Melbourne, Australia. Chai is a traditional form of health food and is loved and served across the world.

How to know About the Worldly Magic of Prana Chai

prana chai

“A delicious, rich, thick and luxurious tea, but with little else than a superior quality ingredient and a premium quality sweetener (we prefer honey). Served with toast on its own, or with fresh fruit juice and honey.” The “hestered” version of prana chai is made with milk and not honey, so it is thicker than the “traditional” version that is made without milk. We serve it with fresh fruits, but the “hestered” version can be enjoyed with ice-cream, yoghurt, coffee or tea.”

A nice prana chai recipe can be made without the use of a tea strainer; however, we do not recommend using one to make your tea. You should instead use a mixing bowl to mix the tea ingredients along with the sugar and cream of tartar in a saucepan over low heat until the mixture begins to bubble. Allow this mixture to cool, strain into a serving pitcher, add a few dhalaves (or cardamom balls, depending on your preferred level of spiciness) and you’re done! You will want to warm the tea slightly before drinking – over the microwave rather than using a tea strainer. To achieve the best results from your homemade prana chai, allow the mixture to cool just enough to touch its natural sweetness, as opposed to boiling or frying the tea.

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