Gold Coast barbers are a must-try for any man on the Gold Coast. These barbershops offer traditional barbering with modern amenities. They are equipped to meet the needs of both men and boys and provide premier service in a clean environment. The salons also provide additional services like facials, hot/cold towels, and hangover treatments. Here, you can get your haircut and have it done in style at an affordable price. This link

How to Find Barbers in Gold Coast

The Luigi & Sons barbershop has been in operation on the Gold Coast since 1961. The shop was established by the famous Italian immigrant Luigi D’Adderio, who passed the torch to his son, Lino. His father’s legendary experience has made him an ambassador for American Crew, and he has developed the King Louis IX styling rake. Despite being a family business, Luigi & Sons has remained popular, and is now run by his son Lino. The renowned barbershop has a wealth of talent and is a world-renowned ambassador for American Crew. The family-run establishment is a Gold-Coast favorite for its clean shaves and classic cuts.

For a more personal experience, head to a Gold Coast barber. You can visit the Lost Boys Barbershop at the Ferry Road Brickworks Centre for a sharp fade. The slick, industrial-styled digs and manly atmosphere of the shop add to its charm. The quality of service at Lost Boys Barbershop is top-notch and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Stone & Wood is also a great choice if you want a trendy look.

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