When shopping for legal cannabis, it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a legitimate dispensary. Dispensaries are required to pay taxes, follow state regulations and maintain a high level of service. While they may be a little more expensive than some of the illicit dealers, these retailers are doing their part to help the industry thrive and keep weed out of the hands of criminals.

Can you use credit card at DC dispensary?

With locations in multiple states, Denver’s Native Roots is one of the most widely renowned shops for its expansive selection and hospitality. Winner of a CannaAward for best adult-use dispensary and five titles at the Denver Cannabis Cup, this small business is making a big difference in Colorado.

In a city as strict about cannabis as NYC is, no list of best recreational dispensary would be complete. Located in an exclusive Manhattan location, the dispensary’s impeccable aesthetics and products are not to be missed. For medical patients, a doctor is on site to write prescriptions during a consultation.

With massive glaciers and soaring eagles, it’s easy to forget that Alaska jumped on the recreational marijuana train with both feet a few years ago. The first recreational shop in a major East Coast city, Black-woman-owned Pure Oasis of Boston focuses on graciousness and provides an education to customers on the healthful properties of cannabis.


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