Like us, dogs also need a cozy place to sleep. Ideally, they should have their own bed that’s a dedicated space for them to relax.

The Natural Willow Wicker Dog Bed Basket Hand Made

It’s important to buy a bed that is comfortable for your dog but that doesn’t aggravate their skin, which is why we recommend you look for a mattress made from memory foam or polyester fill. These beds are a good choice for most small and medium-sized dogs, although big, heavy breeds like Great Danes and Rottweilers will need to get something with more support.

The best wicker basket dog bed should provide your pup with the right combination of support, comfort and softness. This will help your dog sleep better and stay healthy.

Choose a wicker basket dog bed with a cover that can be removed and washed. This will keep the bed clean and prevent stains from forming on it, especially if your pet tends to have accidents.

A wicker basket dog bed is also more durable than other types of pet beds because it is made from natural materials. This is an excellent option for busy pet owners who want a high-quality pet bed that requires little to no maintenance.

To keep a wicker basket dog bed looking its best, wipe the surface with a damp cloth regularly and don’t allow it to become soiled or stained. If it does, make sure to use a gentle cleaning agent and dry the basket out in the sun before reusing it.

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