The Cancer and Aquarius sign have many things in common. While they’re both very agreeable and compassionate, they may need to work on their relationship before they can become a great couple. For example, a Cancer may want more excitement in the bedroom while an Aquarian may want more love and affection. Depending on the relationship, the Aquarian might be more impulsive and pull away from their partner. For this reason, a Cancer and Aquarius marriage needs mutual respect and understanding.

How to Know About Cancer and Aquarius Marriage

cancer and aquarius marriage

Both signs are ideal for marriage, but this type of partnership may not be the best one. Aquarius may be too demanding, and a Cancer partner may find it hard to get intimate. Both signs will learn from each other, but the Cancer will struggle to feel the same way about their partners. Nevertheless, these couples can become a great couple in the long run if they work out their differences and find a way to balance their personalities.

Intimacy between Cancer and Aquarius is not easy. The first sign is extremely emotional, and the other sign is prone to being moody and overly emotional. Moreover, the two signs will struggle to understand each other’s methods. They need to learn to be tolerant of each other’s flaws, and be willing to compromise. Despite the fact that these two signs are poles apart, they can find a common ground and have a happy marriage.

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