Close Protection Security

Close protection security (CPS) is a specialized provision of personal security by an individual who has acquired specialized training for the job. The day-to day of close protection may vary considerably, and therefore, the responsibilities and jobs vary from one person to another depending on their contract. Some people are hired to keep an eye on people they consider suspicious, while some may be hired as bodyguards or security officers for exclusive events or high profile parties. Some others may be hired as dog walkers or guards at airports and entrances. However, the most common need of close protection is that of a private investigator who is entrusted with the responsibility of tracking down someone wanted for crime. This is necessary for any business that deals with cash as its daily transactions.

Close Protection Training – Basic Training In Security And Threat Management

The job description of a close protection officer includes many of the same requirements as for any other security officer, i.e., a thorough knowledge of the local area where the job will be undertaken, as well as extensive knowledge of the criminal procedure so as to apprehend criminals with hard skills or soft skills. The most important qualification required to be a successful CSI is an effective ability to interact with and control people under pressure, including negotiations, resolving conflicts and de-arresting suspects. The applicant must also have a good understanding of criminal law, courtroom proceedings, police procedures and technology. Besides these, a background check will reveal whether the applicant has obtained any other training besides the certificate of completion of the course provided by the relevant institution.

A good close protection security officer must be well trained in all the latest technologies and procedures related to surveillance. These include GPS trackers, hidden cameras and video recorders. They may use discretion and influence to prevent crime rather than committing crime. This is an extremely difficult job and is often considered a “walk in the park” for police officers. To achieve success, the CSI needs to possess a good personality and be dedicated to the job with a passion to bring perpetrators to justice.

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