ferrule crimping tool

The ferrule crimping tool has been used for a long time to crimp and trim the ends of copper pipe and fittings. Many pipe manufacturers produce a wide range of crimping tools made of steel or brass for these purposes, all of which use similar techniques and methods to apply the crimping force to the pipe. The most common and least expensive method is to use a hand screw and pliers to crimp the end of the pipe.

Crimp the Ends of Copper Tubing With a Ferrule Crimping Tool

Ferrule crimpers are a device that holds one end of a copper tube in place, with the other end connected to the crimping tool. The tool allows for a controlled application of force against the end of the tube to be crimped, with the tool acting as a “thumb” and a lever, holding the other end of the tube in a fixed position. This makes it much easier and more convenient to crimp than with a standard hand screw or a pair of pliers. When using a ferrule crimper, the pipe is first heated to provide the required force to bend the copper tube.

There are several advantages of using a ferrule crimping tool such as increased control over the amount of pressure applied to the tubing and the ability to make sure that the pipe is crimped in the right way, reducing the chance of damaging the ends of the copper pipe when it is bent, ensuring the pipe is properly crimped so that no damage is done to the ends of the pipe, and being able to create a precise crimp with the minimum amount of force needed.

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