Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

The flowers you see around you can trigger a range of emotions. Yellow, for example, elicits happiness and blue evokes calmness and relaxation. Go here

Adding flowers to your garden can be an easy, inexpensive and sustainable way to bring the outdoors in. They add color and scent to your surroundings and also encourage pollinators to come and feed the fruits and vegetables in your garden.

A plant’s floral traits evolve to help it attract the most beneficial pollinators possible. These traits are influenced by small mutations that occur over time, and each new trait increases a flower’s ability to attract the right pollinators for its specific species.

How to Use Flower Power to Connect with Nature and the Outdoors

For those who enjoy growing their own food, flowering plants also have the added benefit of being more resistant to pests. This is because the pollinators are attracted to the flowers and will help fight off any insects that may be attacking your garden.

In addition, a study by Rutgers University found that elderly participants with flowers in their homes performed better on memory tasks than those without them. The researchers believe that the presence of flowers may be triggering the release of hormones that promote feeling more relaxed and happier.

For busy women who struggle to find the time to slow down, adding flowers to your life is an easy, natural and affordable self-care solution. It’s so simple, and it makes your day feel brighter! Try it today, risk-free.

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