Custom Laser cutting is the process of using a custom laser cut machine to manufacture parts in bulk. By using a process known as succession flow machining, these parts are produced in a similar fashion to large sheet metal pieces that have been CNC engraved with stencil designs. The parts are then packaged and shipped to clients where they can be further examined and finalized before they reach customers. The advantages of custom laser cutting metal are numerous. These include the ability to create large objects on a small budget, use a variety of different materials, and speed up production times.

How Custom Laser Cutting Metal Works?

The processes used to fabricate parts in bulk form using custom laser cutting machines include gas tungsten adhesives, electroplating, and ultrasonic bonding. Tungsten carbide is often used because it is flexible and has a higher tolerance level than other materials. Ultrasonic bonding uses sound waves to bond materials together. Gas tungsten adhesives use nitrogen gas as a filler while electroplating uses an electric current to “stain” the metal, which “marks” it so the material will always be identifiable. Because the methods are very similar, many people confuse them for being the same.

If you are interested in creating your own products, you can purchase them pre-fabricated or have a custom laser cutting company to make them for you. This option will be less costly than having a professional do it for you. Although you may be better suited to producing larger quantities of items at a faster rate, you will still be able to get more value for your money if you are able to create them one at a time rather than trying to do it all at once. Many people that are starting up a business and only have a small amount of capital to work with find this option extremely beneficial.

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