A Metal Garden Edging System is the perfect solution to tame your yard into something a little more beautiful. It’s easy to install, and will stand up to mowers and string trimmers without breaking or rotting.

Which is better steel or aluminum edging?

A metal garden edging system is generally made up of long strips with overlapping connections that range from three to five inches in height. The choice of height depends on how much protrusion above the ground you want, for stability and to contain grass roots.

These edgings from FormBoss are ideal for higher ground levels. Depending on the brand of your edging, there may be a stake included that you can drive into the ground to secure it. If not, some come with built-in stake pockets so you can simply push them in the soil.

If your soil is very soft, you can simply pound the metal edging down to the desired depth using a wood block, or if it’s harder, you should dig a trench and then bury the edging into it. This will give you a better idea of how it will look once it’s finished, and will also save you from digging up large chunks of dirt that could otherwise be a problem later on.

Another benefit to using a metal landscape edging is that it can be bent easily to create curves in your garden. If you’re working with a slope, for example, it’s often easier to bend the edging instead of cutting it, so you can get the slope just right.

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