“We are local HVAC repair and maintenance company located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. “Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the Fayetteville area residential and commercial customers with quality service and top-of-the-line equipment since 1986. “Air Pro” means “the best in air conditioning”. Air Conditioner, Air Wires, Air Ducts, Air Conditioners, Air Conditioner Filters, Air purifiers, and Humidifiers are just some of the many services we provide. We have also been servicing commercial customers in Greenville, Fayetteville and throughout the northwest part of the state for more than 10 years.”

Why You Should Choose Air Pro

“We are proud to be a licensed HVAC contractor and professional insurer with several factories in the Charlotte /Raleigh metropolitan areas and several satellite sites throughout the greater Charlotte area. We service commercial, residential, office, government, institutional, and retail customers, as well as industrial, livestock, and utility companies. “We are experts in providing quality, dependable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ductwork, and ducted heating and air supply.”

If you have an existing air conditioning or heating system in your business or home, please contact Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide repair, installation, and duct work services. Commercial air conditioning systems, residential heating and cooling, and ducted heating & air conditioning systems are all provided by Air Pro. This company is a division of Avair Corp. The company was founded in 1958. Avair is one of the major manufacturers of air conditioners, heating ducts, and humidifiers.

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