Whether you need a San Antonio Surveyor for the purchase of new property or to establish ownership boundaries on an old one, you need a land surveyor that is accurate, trustworthy, and quick. Fortunately, you can find one with Pollok & Sons. This company has been providing quality surveys for more than 15 years and can help you get the information you need to move forward with your project.

The City’s historic inventory is a comprehensive “snapshot” of the architectural and cultural heritage that makes San Antonio unique. Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, every historic resource in the city has been photo-documented and recorded on a survey inventory form. This data includes such information as the building type, year it was constructed, exterior materials, and alterations.

Mapping Out Your Future: The Importance of Land Surveys in San Antonio, TX

This data is critical for maintaining the historical integrity of the City’s architecture and cultural heritage, for educational and recreational purposes, for economic development potential, and to assist in guiding decisions regarding the demolition of non-inventoried resources. To date, the survey has documented more than 62,000 historic resources within the City limits. This effort will continue for many years to come. This work is made possible through the support of the City and private donors.

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