As the name implies, spray foam insulation is sprayed into open spaces like attics, crawl spaces and rim joist in new construction or in the unfinished walls of an existing home. It can also be sprayed into commercial buildings, pole barns and other structures. It never loses its shape and fills cracks, crevices, and gaps, creating a custom air seal in the building envelope to stop the flow of heat from interior to exterior during heating months or vice versa during cooling months.

The spraying process uses a special applicator gun that mixes two chemical ingredients – isocyanates. These are strong irritants for eyes and lungs and over time can cause sensitization, leading to asthma attacks. This can be avoided by wearing a mask and using full face and respiratory protection during the application of spray foam insulation. Curing times are relatively short and once cured the insulation is non-toxic.

Understanding the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation with Premier Spray Foam

Premier Spray Foam is more expensive than fiberglass insulation but it has a higher R-value per inch. It is also more durable as it resists moisture, insects, and rodents and doesn’t sag or settle over time. In the long run, it can save homeowners money as it reduces energy bills.

It is recommended that homeowners use a professional installer and that they are accredited by a scheme such as TrustMark as a means of guaranteeing quality work. In addition, many mortgage lenders will only lend on properties with spray foam if it has been installed correctly. This is because it can be difficult to remove and could damage roof tiles, electricals, and other materials underneath.

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