Triple Shipham Valves Triple Offset Butterfly Valve are hard-facing, metal-to-metal valves designed to handle demanding and critical applications with tight sealing capabilities in a variety of conditions. Triple offset butterfly valves utilize a segmented disc with a unique body geometry to provide non-rubbing motion of the seat and seal across the entire full 90° stroke eliminating unnecessary wear. This allows the metal seal ring to be positioned close to the seat to maintain zero leakage in both open and closed positions.

This type of valve also offers a cost-efficient solution for a wide range of high-pressure, low-torque applications as opposed to alternative-style metal seated butterfly valves. A Triple Offset design can be used in the same types of systems as a double-offset valve such as oil and gas processing, pulp and paper, chemical and water & sewage utilities but are especially well suited for scenarios with higher operating demands, such as severe service, temperature, and fluids.

The Science Behind Shipham Valves’ Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Technology

Shipham Valves has successfully fire-tested its range of 3” to 8” lug-type and wafer-type nickel aluminum bronze high-performance triple offset butterfly valves with a Stellite grade 21 seat and Duplex resilient seat ring. These valves achieved bidirectional zero leakage control in accordance with API 598.

This is the first time that a Triple Offset valve has been fully fire tested in such an application, demonstrating its ability to perform in demanding situations under harsh conditions. Having the right valve type for your applications is important to ensure you can achieve zero leakage control, and avoid expensive shutdowns and downtime.

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