Shisha Vibe Vape Shop is a top-rated UK e-cigarette and vape store that offers a wide selection of leading hardware, e-liquid flavors and tanks, starter kits and premium CBD options. The company also provides customers with convenient access to disposable vape recycling, helping them take a proactive approach toward environmental responsibility.

To help boost engagement and loyalty, Shisha Vibe partnered with Stamp Me to implement a modern digital loyalty program. The company now utilizes two tailored cards with interim rewards that offer a variety of free e-liquids, vape products and other discounts to their customers. The first card targets customers who spend between PS3 and PS9, with one stamp being earned for every transaction. When the customer reaches the required number of stamps, they receive a digital voucher that must be presented in-store to redeem the reward. These digital vouchers are enhanced with animation and an expiry countdown, helping to maintain security against screenshot attempts while also ensuring staff can validate and redeem the coupon with ease.

Inside Shisha Vibe Vape Shop: A Journey of Discovery

To further enhance the experience for their customers, Shisha Vibe has also added an updated blog section on their website that features a series of in-depth articles aimed at educating the public about the benefits and advantages of vaporizers. In addition, all online orders of PS20 or more will now qualify for free Royal Mail tracked 48 shipping. The newly updated site also displays Shisha Vibe’s array of Disposable Vapes, diverse e-liquid flavors, Nic Salts, beginner kits, advanced vape kits and premium CBD options in easy to navigate pages.

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