Despite being one of the cleanest countries in the world, Singapore still has to deal with its own share of waste. Managing this waste is a challenge that the country has to face and it does so by providing a sufficient number of trash bins in convenient locations.Read more :

These trash cans are emptied regularly by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and are used to collect general waste, recycling paper and plastic, cans, and glass. The NEA also handles the disposal of hazardous waste. The premise behind the existence of these trash bins is to encourage people to reduce their waste generation. They also try to make it easy for people to recycle and reuse things rather than simply throwing them away.

Trash Bin Best Practices: Tips for Efficient Waste Management in Singapore

In addition to the standard trash bins, Singapore has a few smart ones that have sensors and can be connected to the internet. These are called Bigbelly bins and they use solar energy to power their internal compaction mechanism, internal sensors, and communications module. They can also send email or text message alerts to cleaners when they are full.

These bins have been very popular in Singapore and are available in a few parks and public transportation stations. The company that makes them has plans to expand to other cities and towns around the globe. They also offer different add-ons for the bins such as compaction, Wi-Fi hotspot, and digital advertising. This way they can recoup the initial investment and help to keep the costs of the trash bins down.

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