5 Best Online Activities To Do Over Lockdown Recommended By SeekaHost University

Socializing has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and people had to think about innovative ways of mingling with others and entertaining themselves. Being stuck at home hasn’t prevented people from pursuing their passions, as an astonishing one-third of Brits have found ways of enjoying their hobbies differently via virtual channels.

Obviously, the internet offers us many activities to do while being locked inside, but the question is: how to occupy oneself at home during lockdown effectively?  Read the suggestions by expert SeekaHost University instructors who encourage you to use this time to build something online for the future.

1. Join An Online Gaming Club

Online Gaming Club

Do you have a passion for gaming? Are you obsessed with popular online games like Minecraft? Chances are, there’s an online club where you can share this passion with other like-minded people.

Many people have used lockdown to catch up on their gaming and are practicing regularly to improve their gaming skills. Gaming can turn into a successful online business venture through YouTube or building a successful blog about famous and sought after virtual games. Plus, one can catch up with their friends while playing and communicating with them through the gaming platform.

2. Go On Virtual Vacations

If you’ve now finally got the time to travel while you’re in isolation, you can do free online tours through buildings and locations you have always dreamt of. You can explore science, technology, and human history from the comfort of your couch. However, if you still prefer the real-life experience, check out some fun activities you can still do during the lockdown.

3. Offer Online Tutoring Or Teaching Via Zoom Or Teams

Online Tutor

Everybody has at least one skill they master and if you feel the need to give something back to the world while you’re locked away, then teach your skills to others online. You can make your Zoom tutorials fun by creating a theme every time and include some dressing up or trivia to make the learning more exciting. And you get something back in return as you can charge a tuition fee. Lockdown has hit many professions hard with not being able to work and earn a full income. Offering an online service can open many new income streams on the internet worldwide and even students can make money online from home. Plus, you will also learn many new digital and business skills you can apply to any plan for starting an e-Business in the future.

4. Setting up Social Media Groups

Social Media Groups

Social media are a great tool to communicate with friends and strangers alike. Social media groups can be set up easily and can cover any topic under the sun that people would like to talk about. Let’s say you’re a food fanatic, but cannot dine out in your most favorite restaurants in the city due to lockdown enforced closures. In the online group, you can share recommendations, recipes, memories, and much more with other food lovers to satisfy your food passion. Or you can reminisce about your top hangouts and co-working spaces you used to visit to meet people until you can head back there again. Whatever it is you love to talk about with others, social media groups will certainly provide a great virtual meeting point.

5. Enrolling in Online Courses

Online Courses

Additional courses enhance your resume, and if you’re one of the many feeling job-insecure, this online activity during quarantine can help you build a better future. Explore different career options in demand first so that you can prepare for what will matter in today’s novel Coronavirus world. To optimize your work and learn from home pad you should make sure that your shelter is a good environment for working from a computer. There are plenty of useful home office ideas out there to help you create a comfortable workspace within your own four walls.

Improve your Future with Online Activities at Home During Lockdown

You don’t have to sit around being bored all day by overdoing Netflix and chocolate. Instead, set yourself up for success during isolation and focus on what really matters in life and the future. Develop new skills, discover new passions, meet new people, or start earning online. The sky’s the limit.…

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