Water Tower Maintenance

Water tower equipment TankProINC requires regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspections to maintain longevity of both the equipment itself and water quality. It is not uncommon for water towers to last 50 years or more before requiring any type of maintenance at all. However, the cost of routine maintenance can be quite expensive, especially in the long run. A water tower that requires less than annual maintenance can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars over its lifetime if it needs to be cleaned, maintained, or repaired due to routine tower maintenance requirements.

For businesses, annual inspections are often recommended, especially in the case of a storage tank, to reduce the costs incurred by the owner. Storage tanks and water towers are usually positioned above ground, so periodic inspections must also be done to keep the water stored safe from surface contamination. If the tank is above ground, inspections can also be done without having to go inside the structure. The inspection process includes visual and physical examinations of the storage tank and other components of the water tower, as well as visual inspections of the entire structure.


The inspection process for a storage tank is quite different than the inspection process for a water tower. In the case of a water tower, water is recoated to the storage tank, otherwise known as a drain pool. While storage tanks require cleaning, they also must be inspected visually for deterioration and the presence of leaks. In the case of storage tanks, however, the water is simply drained into the ground. To make sure that everything is alright, it is recommended that the storage tank maintenance be done yearly, which is an inexpensive but necessary way of ensuring the safety of the stored water.

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