A law firm marketing expert has the ability to develop and execute a strategic plan that enables a law practice to attract and retain clients. They may be able to do this in-house or they may need the help of an external marketing agency. The latter could include SEO specialists, content writers and social media managers. Whether the expertise is needed in-house or outsourced, it will be important to find experts who can tailor their strategy to the needs of a law firm’s specific client base.

What is the lowest job in a law firm?

The most valuable marketing professionals are those who come up with substantive ideas to target new markets or approach current clients in innovative ways. This is especially important as baby boomers retire and are replaced by millennial partners who have different expectations for the way they do business, including being able to engage with firms via mobile devices and receptive communications channels.

Legal marketing expert should also be able to measure the results of their efforts. Ultimately, only paying clients can sustain a law firm, so it is critical that every marketing activity has a return on investment, be it brand awareness or lead generation. It is also important to track conversions, such as appointments scheduled or emails opened.

The best marketing consultants for law firms will understand this and be able to provide proof of their success. If they cannot, this should be a red flag. They should be able to provide case studies, data and references that demonstrate their ability to deliver results that matter to law firms.

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