This is a big milestone for the Tauranga -based Pest Control company, which has given pest control services to individuals who have pest problems in and around their house since 2021. The company’s Head Veterinary Officer, Pauline Johnson says, “The pest control company has been providing this invaluable service to residents of Tauranga for many years. It’s always a pleasant surprise to know we can help people with pest control and having a positive and professional attitude is the easiest way to get clients and come back time again.”¬†Pest Control Tauranga¬†provides a range of pest management and control services including pest and vermin control, tree and plant abatement and pest and vermin control throughout the city and its surrounding regions, and also rural and suburban areas.

Pest Control Tauranga

The company’s main aim is to make sure all New Zealanders has a healthy environment to live in and is pleased to support their customers and continue to strive to improve the quality of the communities in which they operate. They work hard to ensure their employees receive the best training and also conduct regular health checks, immunisations and deodorisation for all of its team members. In addition, the company offers its patrons a free pest management program, where they can come and meet the Pest Control crew and get information about getting rid of pests problems in their homes and gardens. Pest Control Tauranga offers several other services including pest and maunganui education, and assistance with garden care. The aim is to improve community relationships and understandings of pest control within the community.


The company also conducts special projects, such as the Maunganui Eco-Tour, a 5-day educational tour that includes an eco-tour of the Tauranga/Mount Cook region and the Te Wairoa/Wai-o-Tapu National Park. Each day, a special team of pest control operators will visit different sites in the region, dealing with issues and answering questions from the public. On the last day, the teams will close up by having a barbecue on the beach at Te Wairoa, where they offer a tasting of Te Wairoa wine. The company also runs a garden centre in Mt Maunganui, where it sells a variety of different plants and flowers, as well as nursery plants and soil and plant food.

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