Waxing and Skincare

Waxing and Skincare

Unlike shaving, which can cause nicks, cuts, discoloration or bruises, waxing removes hairs directly from the roots without cutting or tearing the skin. The results can last longer than a few weeks, too. But, even with the best intentions and careful application of post-wax products, ingrown hairs or breakouts may still occur. To ensure you get the most effective results, follow these expert tips for smoothing and caring for your skin after waxing.

Before Waxing and Skincare by Celeste in San Diego, wash the area to remove any dirt or excess oil. Then, dry it thoroughly to allow the wax to adhere properly. It’s important to test the temperature of the wax before you apply it to avoid burning the skin or leaving a mark. Once it’s warm enough, apply a thin coat of the product using your chosen applicator and gently rub the area in the direction of hair growth.

Wax On, Glow On: Achieving Radiant Skin with Regular Waxing

For the first 24 hours after waxing, avoid direct sunlight and tanning booths, as well as exercising and using hot tubs and saunas. Also, steer clear of any perfumed lotions or products containing alcohol, which could cause irritation and an allergic reaction on the freshly waxed skin.

If you want to do your own home waxing, look for a professional hard (aka stripless) wax system that comes with a wax warmer, an array of wax roller shapes and all the necessary skin preps and aftercare products. The Waxfans kit, for example, includes a warming roller, a box of 50 waxing strips and post-treatment strips, along with an applicator and skin-prep goodies.

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